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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Why We’ve Been Waiting

We’ve configured more iPhones than Samsungs. In the past three months alone, we’ve configured 24 iPhone 5’s; that’s massive compared to just 8 Samsung Galaxy S4’s.

Yet, virtually all our staff have ignored all new smartphones including the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 because they are waiting for the real deal: The Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Nigerian-British Tomi Adebayo of SBTV takes us through a quick tour in a video that has become one of the official Samsung Videos for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

This is why the entire Virtual Memento Solutions Crew have been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. More so, we’ve got few of our clients in mind when it comes to the productive benefit of this new smartphone but it’s a shame most of the names popping up are those that have recently upgraded to iPhone 5.

See Video below (VIDEO CREDITS: SBTV)


Does this make you think of getting one now? We’ll like to know; drop a comment below

Virtual Memento & Carmelcrest at 3

On the 1st of June, 2013, it became exactly 3 years since Virtual Memento has been handling the entire Information Communication Technologies of Carmelcrest Limited.

Frederick Odutola of Virtual Memento with Ray Spooner, Managing Director of Carmelcrest Limited on June 3, 2013

Frederick Odutola of Virtual Memento with Ray Spooner, Managing Director of Carmelcrest Limited on June 3, 2013

That is 36 full months of ICT consultation, website designs and redesigns, IT system backups and maintenances; networking and system security checks and upgrades including the ongoing protection against corporate viruses, malware and spyware.

In that period of time few staff have left and many more have come into the robust and tailored ICT system we provide and manage for the company.

In December, 2012, Carmelcrest left Barking for a bigger office space in Waltham Abbey. Virtual Memento was competent in the smooth move without any IT hiccup.

All networking and IT systems including few additional components were configured over the weekend and every member of staff was live on Monday when they resumed at their respective desks.

Carmelcrest, a third generation construction company was founded in 1983 before the Managing Director of Virtual Memento was born. It is therefore with gratitude that we at Virtual Memento cherish this opportunity to be part of the company’s history even as the third generation are being integrated into the company’s core service areas.

Southon Engineering Back Online

Virtual Memento finishes the design and hosting of Southon Engineering official website.

We initially took over Southon Engineering’s ICT system in January 2013 as initially reported. After revamping their ICT structure in a very sustainable way, we say the need to give them a fully functional website.

Their previous website was a collection of few pages that could not be updated with heavy load time; it also had a get quote form that never worked.

We guided Craig Larner, the Office Manager and Matthew Southon, the Managing Director towards agreeing a pure, simple, clean and concise design that is fully functional.

Considering their massive portfolio of projects including the cenotaph designed for Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the steel works they did for the historic Spitbank Fort, we included a simple portfolio showcasing feature.

We also featured pictures of their top latest works on a slider while also succinctly describing their key services on the welcome page towards informing visitors as much as possible without necessarily having to do many clicks.

The essence of accreditations in their industry was well treated with images of accreditations on the footer across all the web pages.

The finished website was a pure and simple design with compact but yet comprehensive company information. Southon Engineering was very pleased especially with their ‘Get an Estimate’ form that is now functional and makes it easy for prospective clients to contact them.

Visit to see their new website.


Zycom Property Maintenance Services Online

Virtual Memento creates an online

Zycom Property Maintenance Services contracted Virtual Memento about their maiden website in April.

Recommended by Saltex Consultancy, a company we’ve once serviced in this category, the expectation was just as high but the clear brief with all the available pieces of information helped us meet the deadline.

This website packaged with complimentary images, corporate colours and service information was finished in time, within budget and to client satisfaction.

We produced an immensely user-friendly and search-engine friendly website with basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We also featured hot pictures of the business’ core services and products on welcome page to add to look, feel and grab of the welcome page.

The header banner of the website posed a little battle as we advised the client against the image they compulsory want it to be in order to create uniformity with their business card. We however in the end compromised and arrived at a cool design. You can visit to see the website.


Virtual Memento Rebrands

Virtual Memento's old logo created by Xsi-Da-Great

Virtual Memento’s old logo created by Xsi-Da-Great

Virtual Memento completes her corporate brand makeover with new logo, colour and website.

Since inception in 2005, Virtual Memento has been known for her advertising, graphics and web prowess before the addition of marketing, information technology, media and financial advice.

The new corporate representation online and offline is primarily aimed at fully informing existing and prospective clients about all the core services of the business.

The new corporate font, Tangerine is a calligraphy font inspired by many italic chancery hands from the 16-17th century. Its tall ascender, the most distinct characteristic of this type, takes a wide line space between lines and gives it a graceful texture.

Credit: Tangerine is produced by Japanese type designer Toshi Omagari and was named after a woman who encouraged him to begin this work.

Black & Green Goes Online

black_and_green_portfolioVirtual Memento finishes the design and hosting of Black & Green website.

The management of Black & Green, an environmental friendly design and construction company contracted the website to Virtual Memento in early October, 2011.

After receiving, interpreting and confirming the brief, Virtual Memento realised a stunning design with complete metaphorical representation of all Black & Green stands for.

At project handover, the management of Black & Green gave a satisfactory feedback about the entirety of the website especially the green theme.

To visit Black & Green website to have a look and feel, click here.

Kate Ajike Gets the Virtual Masterpiece

Kate_Ajike_All_I_Want_Is_YouVirtual Memento gives Kate Ajike the media and web touches her talents deserve.

Kate Ajike, an English actress, music artiste and model contracted Virtual Memento to get her singles ‘All I Want is You’ on the social media platform.

Virtual Memento media team created a music video with picture slides and the musical track before uploading to a YouTube channel they created for the artiste.

The YouTube channel was given a unique artistic touch by Virtual Memento and the two versions of the new release were uploaded for fans to listen to while viewing the pictures of the lady behind the masterpiece.

Virtual Memento utilised other social media profiles including Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. Kate was pleased and is planning to award the full video productions of the music to Virtual Memento. Catch Kate Ajike music on her YouTube channel; 4,500 hits in two days and counting.