About Us

Virtual Memento is the IT Department for small businesses.

We specialise in providing ICT, web, media and procurement services to small businesses in London.

We look after all technology needs including computer support, IT consulting, corporate training, networks, servers, website design and maintenance, CCTV systems and advising on and supplying technology hardware or software.

We supply our IT services to businesses in Greater London, Essex, Cambridge and Reading while our web services are patronised across UK and beyond.

Established in 2005, Virtual Memento Solutions has 8 years of experience in the ICT and Web consultation, providing ICT, Web, Media and Marketing services to small businesses and individuals throughout the UK especially London, Essex and Cheshire.

Helping clients to be more discoverable and profitable with a strong online and offline presence in a timely manner, Virtual Memento provides businesses with tailored Web, ICT, Media and Marketing solutions. With experienced and skilled staff and up-to-date research, services offered are cost effective.

Virtual Memento Solutions has a team of skilled web developers, multimedia designers, IT and network administrators and marketing specialists. The professional team members have relevant degrees including Bachelors degrees, and professional qualifications including NIM, MCITP and PRINCE 2, to mention a few.

In Our Own Words

Virtual Memento has an uncompromising dedication to offer you complete business support. Our ICT, Web, Media and Marketing approach is real, researched, creative and effectively applied to suit your needs.

At Virtual Memento, servicing you is not a job; it is a passion. We’ve got the FEAR factor. Our response is fast, our solution is efficient, our price is affordable and we are reliable. Our quality and after sales service means you do not need to look further.

Welcome to our world of lasting memories.

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